studio work > 44°37’19.668” N 124°2’43.86” W (for Charles)

44°37'19.668" N 124°2'43.86" W (for Charles)
44°37'19.668" N 124°2'43.86" W (for Charles)
acrylic/print on aluminum, fir, stainless steel

The visual characteristics of each panel were created by evaporating diluted ink with water from various locations along the Oregon Coast. The sites included open ocean, brackish estuaries, and fresh water lakes, streams, and rivers. The ink was evaporated on site resulting in patterns that are both time and site specific. In other words, the majority of the works visual characteristics are created by the Oregon Coast itself. The ink patterns were then photographed in high resolution using a medium format digital sensor and printed on aluminum panels. The acrylic line drawing overlay was done by hand. The blues, greens, and grays are digitally added to the monochromatic evaporations. The colors are sampled from photographs of the Pacific Ocean taken from the Oregon Coast. This project was installed in June 2020 at the OSU Marine Studies Building in Newport, Oregon. Commissioned by the Oregon Arts Commission.