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An site-specific installation using light and cedar in Oregon by Michael Boonstra.
Material/Immaterial: Philomath
Art in Rural Storefronts
recycled redwood, duralar, LED's

This Art in Rural Storefronts project is sited on Main St. in Philomath, Oregon. Much of the town's history and identity is intertwined with logging, but like many rural Oregon towns logging is no longer the primary industry. This installation uses recycled lumber from the region to create a threshold, or barrier, between Main St. and the illuminated backdrop of the work. The drill-hole "drawing" is loosely based on a tree's growth rings at the scale of an old growth conifer. As the drilled pattern becomes more visible, the materially of the wood fades. The recycled redwood allows the drill-hole drawing to be seen, much like lumber contributed to Philomaths' history. It is the threshold, or barrier, between history and the future.